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Mike McLaughlin
Licensed Contractor
System Service inc.

Excavating a trench for any purpose takes planning and logistical support to take care of the spoils and adequate back fill and compaction of the excavated area after the line is installed. You need a Trenching Contractor to handles all excavation (the excavation is deeper than it is wide) so it is not inherently stable and is often for utility installation or drainage projects. After the service has been installed it is normally filled in right away. We have done and seen all sorts of situations and many very interesting solutions. It is important to hire a licensed trenching contractor for your project to ensure that your time and money is not wasted by mis-calculations.

System Service Inc, your Trenching Contractor in Tucson will be able to answer very important questions. Often a trench is dug or water, gas, power or all three pipes. A Trenching Contractor in Tucson can asses your situation to ensure that the correct depth is met so it does not cause any damages later.

In many excavation projects size does mater both in being too big or not big enough for a particular task. Some applications with a skid steer loader with fast cycle time can move material faster with less damage than a big machine making fewer trips but slower. That is why we have some unique tools, custom equipment and a variety of sizes and types of excavation equipment. We will get you the right equipment with an experienced talented operator.
Minimum depth:

Water Line:
Electric Line
Gas Line

All Three Lines for Secondary Trench – Minimum depth: 48″

Trenching Contractor in Tucson

Making holes in the dirt is what we do and have done for years. Excavating for building additions can be a small project in size but needs to be done correctly so that no secondary settlement occurs later on creating cracks or leaks in the foundation wall. Having worked on highly sensitive zero settlement project we understand the factors that involve a successful project.It is more than just digging materials and placing materials.
When people are looking to hire a trenching contractor they want someone with experience that will come and get the job done, do what they say clean up after the work and get the job done quickly. We understand this and work every day to do just that. Your excavation project may be the first one that you have undertaken and we will work to make it the least disruptive as possible.

House Pad

house pad workResidential and Commercial House Pad Construction

Mike McLaughlin
Licenced Contractor
Systems Service Inc,

Getting quality dirt work done is the first major phase of construction for a new home and it sets the stage for the building contractor. Starting your home off on the right foot is important and quality work for your House Pad is where you need to start. We handle all the dirt work involved with site preparation and dirt work for you house pad, clearing areas, and trenches necessary. Mistakes can be costly, up front and over time, we are licenced contractors that specialize in ground construction.
One of the most important factors in getting a stable and professional house pad is choosing a good, experienced, licenced grading operator or contractor. Depending on the size of your home, this can require tremendous grading with lots of clearing and filling. If the dirt work is not graded or compacted correctly, your home may settled or shift over time, causing extensive structural damage that is expensive and very difficult to repair.

It is also very important that the your House Pad be built to proper size to accommodate the house (or houses) and associated elements such as cool cell rooms, control rooms, feed bins, and standby generator sheds. If these are forgotten during site preparation, it becomes very difficult for the grower or house builder to get this done, and done properly, before or during construction of the house itself, and might delay house construction from the beginning. It is a good idea to have the house builder periodically inspect the pad construction process so that the construction of buildings can start without delays.

A House pad should be at least 10 feet wider and 10 feet longer than the house dimensions, built up at least 12 inches above the surrounding grade, and graded within three inches of level from end to end and side to side. Pads must be designed and constructed to withstand erosion from weather and heavy equipment travel.

Have your House Pad and Dirt Work done right the first time!

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